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Creek Pack, Pack of Heroes (A Wolf Pack RPG)

A semi-fantasy wolf roleplaying pack in Yellowstone National Park. You can hunt, fight, talk, relax, and live the wolf life!
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 Shadow (WIP)

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PostSubject: Shadow (WIP)   Shadow (WIP) EmptyFri May 16, 2014 4:31 pm



Name: Shadow

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

S.O: Straight

Rank: Warrior


Coat: Shadows entire Body is coated in a pure obsidian-black fur. However, his coat´s hue is so dark that gives you the impression that his fur goes as deep as an abyss. His coat length is unsual long and fairly thick.

Orbs: Shadows orbs might be the first thing you will give your attention of his presence first. Since he has a genetical problem, his eye color never changed. He has still the sky-blue puppy tint. However, he has some silver hues as well, which are splattered into high-pitched blue.

Build: Shadow has a fairly strong and very muscular body. His sharp and long teeth are a perfect weapon in fights. Even if Shadow close his jaws, the end of his teeth are still to see. His skull stands always proudly atop his muscled neck and his ears are to lower only when he is about to attack. His long tail stands either relaxed next to his body or raised up, showing his dominance to predators. He has a scar from his left eye down to his upper lip, looking like claw scratch marks. He is slightly taller then the average wolf. 2 inches, to be exact.


Shadow is a pretty aggressive wolf. He often be distant to the pack, not wanting to hurt them when he loose his mind. However, if someone has a place in his heart, he won´t let anything happen to his friend, even if he won´t act like that. Shadow isnt really the guy who talk highly of himself or start conversations. Quite the contrary, he just sits around, watching the pack, studying their moves and behaviors (or just laze around).However, he use his anger to protect the pack and tear the predatory in pieces.

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Shadow (WIP)
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