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Creek Pack, Pack of Heroes (A Wolf Pack RPG)

A semi-fantasy wolf roleplaying pack in Yellowstone National Park. You can hunt, fight, talk, relax, and live the wolf life!
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 Max - The Proud and Brave

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PostSubject: Max - The Proud and Brave   Thu May 29, 2014 9:26 pm

Fact File and Profile:

Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years human years, 24 years wolf years
Coat color: Sand-like and battle-scarred coat
Eye color: Brown
Birth pack: Creek Pack
Personality: Aggressive when needed, cautious, friendly to Creek Pack members and pups.
S.O: Straight
Rank: Alpha
Special powers: Shape-shifting and walking through fire
Birthplace: Amethyst Mountain
Other: He has fairly handsome looks, and a scar on his right eye.


Fang paced back and forth in front of the den. "Fang, she'll be all right," Steel muttered to him.
A howl rose from the den. "Three pups!" A female wolf howled. Fang burst into the den, his black fur brushing against the walls. He saw Silver's blinding white fur. Fang looked at three whimpering pups; one black like the shadows, one white like snow, and one tan like sand. Fang started to name them. "The black pup is Shadow, the white pup is Spirit, and..." he paused and stared at the tan pup. He didn't have a black or white coat like the rest of Creek Pack. "Max," Fang grumbled. He thought that the youngest sandy pup shouldn't have a traditional wolf name.
"Well, we cannot just strand him," Silver whined. Fang nodded. Shadow struggled to stand on all four legs. "Look!" Silver yelped, her muzzle pointing at the black pup.
"He is surely the alpha pup," Fang said. He pointed his muzzle at Spirit. "And that's a fine beta pup!" he continued as Spirit crawled toward him. Max was still except for his moving head. Fang poked the sandy pup. "And that's an omega," Fang said with a pinch of scorn.
"Race you to the bush!" Spirit barked playfully at Max and Shadow. Shadow and Spirit ran side by side. Max ran at the rear.
"Hey guys, wait up!" he whined to the darting older pups. Shadow and Spirit slowed to a trot. "Thanks," Max said as he caught up.
"You need to practice your running, anyway," Shadow muttered.
One day, terror was reality. All of Creek Pack was fighting off the hunters. Spirit and Shadow, now young adults, ran off to Mount Amethyst. Almost-young-adult Max left in the opposite direction, to Slough Creek. When he looked back, he saw his pack dead, the whole of it. I'm all alone he thought. He wandered Slough Creek until he found Saddle Meadows. He crawled into the large den and looked around the clearing. If a few dens were dug out, it would be perfect to shelter many wolves. He decided to make Saddle Meadows and its hunting grounds his territory. Max found Kia'la, Rose, Shadow, and two more wolves to live with him. He thought that he could create Creek Pack once again. And so he did, to rescue an undying civilization.


The wolf's howl

So brave and bold

When it reaches you

It has already overpowered your mind.

Wolf form:
Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years old/24 years old
Coat color: Sandy tan
Eye color: Brown
Personality: Aggressive when needed, cautious, friendly to pack.
Birth pack: Creek Pack
Pups: None
Other: Max is the leader of Creek Pack. He has siblings in Amethyst Mountain. He can shape shift, and can walk through fire.
Items purchased in shop: None
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Max - The Proud and Brave
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