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Creek Pack, Pack of Heroes (A Wolf Pack RPG)

A semi-fantasy wolf roleplaying pack in Yellowstone National Park. You can hunt, fight, talk, relax, and live the wolf life!
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 The History and Origins of Creek Pack

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PostSubject: The History and Origins of Creek Pack   Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:03 am

Here is this story of the formation of Creek Pack.

Fang and Silver have never been more happy. Three pups have been born in Creek Pack. They carried Fang and Silver's scent. The black pup who hid away from wolves was called "Shadow", for his shadow-like fur coat and his instinct to stalk in the shadows. The white pup was named "Spirit", for her ghostly fur coat and her instinct to leap to the heavens. But there was one pup who didn't have the pack's black or white coats. This pup has a tan as light as sand. Fang and Silver weren't pleased, not in all of Amethyst Mountain. And so, instead of giving the tan pup a proper wolf name, they gave him a human name, "Max". Max was the youngest of the pups, and the most curious. Shadow and Silver got to be trained by the other wolves. Little Max was on his own. He copied the training of his siblings. It was like this everyday. One night, smoke and gun-shots filled the air. Creek Pack was fighting the hunters, and fighting for their pack, and Amethyst Mountain as well. A small forest near the hunting grounds was set on fire. Shadow and Silver, now adolescents, ran far at Mt. Amethyst, while Fang and Silver led Max away. Max heard two gun-shots after his parents left, and was filled with sadness. All of Creek Pack was dead. The battle was over. Max lived by himself, alone and cold. But he knew how to hunt and fight through experience. When he was two years old, he received a dream. A spirit was talking to him. The spirit said,

The pack of heroes is lost
But three remain
Two will remain in regret
But one will travel far
And bring back what was lost.

Max awake with a jolt. It was a crazy dream, until he realized it is a prophecy. He went where his paws went. He found himself in Slough Creek. For many nights, he slept in a den in the west. He decided to make this den, the land around it, and the hunting grounds his territory. Max had to fight bears and rival wolf packs, but in the end, all gave up. Max found wolves in need of a pack, and they got to stay with Max. Max gave ranks, and named this pack Creek Pack. He knew the spirits were looking down at him. Max brought back what was lost. And that was the pack. He looked up and saw his old pack smiling down at him. Max knew this pack would last forever now.

According to this story, Creek Pack's origins are in Amethyst Mountain.
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The History and Origins of Creek Pack
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