Creek Pack, Pack of Heroes (A Wolf Pack RPG)
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Creek Pack, Pack of Heroes (A Wolf Pack RPG)

A semi-fantasy wolf roleplaying pack in Yellowstone National Park. You can hunt, fight, talk, relax, and live the wolf life!
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 The New Pack Member's Checklist

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Are you happy about joining Creek Pack?
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PostSubject: The New Pack Member's Checklist   Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:01 pm

You have decided to join Creek Pack. Awesome! But with so many things to do, you could get lost. Follow these steps to get on the right track in the pack!

1. Activate your account! You cant do anything without this step. Go to your email and click the link in the message from the pack. Then you can log in. Check your messages to see the Welcome message. Now you are an official member!

2. You need to make your wolf! You can't be invisible! To make your wolf, copy the form in the Roleplay Information forum, paste it to your signature (found in your profile), and fill out the blanks. Once you click the Save button, you have completed the simple process of creating your wolf character!

3. Read everything in the Help Den. This will give you good information about the pack. Also check out the newly-updated FAQ.

4. Modify your profile. To do so, Click the big My Profile button. Fill in those blanks. Upload a profile picture. Do anything you want to customize your experience!

5. Start roleplaying! Go to the Roleplaying category, click on any of the places in the territory, and find a good roleplay topic and start making your wolf life come true!

If you need help, read the FAQ or ask an admin or moderator. Thank you for joining Creek Pack!

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The New Pack Member's Checklist
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